Objectives .You will find out why your Dream is still a Dream.
.Changing your attitude towards the circumstances and the events of your live, you will manage your personal and professional conflicts.
.You will open the way to a state of inner harmony.
.The Transurfing will give you all the necessary instruments to transform fear and negative emotions, creating a conscience of prosperity.
.You will be able to reach your goals.
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Target Open to all target
Duration 2 days – November 14 th/15th 2015
Next edition Milano – Hub Milano, Via Paolo Sarpi n.8
Investment For info and registration call Giulia Lodi Rizzini – Tel. +39 392 9163568 or write to info@schoolfordreamers.com
Payable to School for Dreamers Srl
Banca Popolare di Sondrio – IBAN: IT73 S056 9651 0900 0000 4031 X48
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This seminar is invaluable and it is a gift and a right for all.