The Journey of The School for Gods is the path to awareness, knowledge, self-realization and enlightenment, through an intensive seminar, with a “self-training” training process, divided into a first week end stage and followed by an intensive program. The journey will lead you towards the goal with a spiral motion, since the process of consciousness is irreversible. It is the return trip to regain one’s own Being, that may start only if you are motivated by a genuine passion and will to live and evolve. It is the momentum of every Dreamer that with Integrity of thought, word and action leans towards the fulfilment and manifestation of his own Dream.
It is a tough workout that touches every sphere of the Being, which enhances perceptions, strengthens the presence status, stabilizes and amplifies the energy field, activates the living archetypes and prepares to realize one’s own Dream through the practical experience of the principles and laws of the School for Gods.
They will be part of you, of your all Being, for ever.
Once you make your own experience will never forget it.

It is an unlimited opportunity to nurture the living thought and expand one’s own vision.
It is a quantum field of energy and consciousness with which you can understand and feel
how to create your Kingdom by becoming a King.

The Journey of The School for Gods
is an indelible mark of who you are and who you can be when you choose to be so!
The School for Gods is a place where you realize that there is nothing to input from the outside or that you may add to what you already know if not to remove all you think and you know, as the true knowledge can only be ‘remembered’ further to a re-awakening and not through a learning process. The School for Dreamers is the reversal training, where deeply rooted ideas and beliefs are subverted including, first of all, the ghost of death which is nothing but a resistance to the Balance and Harmony of Universal Laws and to the Beauty of life as a whole.
Finding the school means binding yourself to the Dream with a steel cable when you realize that it is not you who have found it, but it is the school that has found you.

Nothing can surprise you and involve you more than to become the Ruler of your life through a unique and extraordinary pathway that has fascinated thousands of evolving human beings around the world, that has given them a new direction, a new way of thinking, of being, of living, making masterpieces that through the arts, research and talents create and give birth to ideas and solutions
able to permeate the consciousness and the existence of millions of lives.


Brave, passionate men and women in harmony with the Dream’s laws. 
Free Beings with neither limits nor fear who achieve any objective they set for themselves.

You will make a journey in and out through the main themes of the book
The School for Gods by Stefano D’Anna,
its principles, its laws, its School.


Francesca Del Nero
Marco Alati
Toni Mischitelli
Tom Meyers
Dario Ossola
Vega Roze
Rita Valente


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