Seminar Get rid from fear and negative emotions
Next edition 26-28 September 2014


Recognition and transformation of negative emotions and freedom from fear. Study and practice of positive emotions more rare, such as gratitude and optimism. The study and self-knowledge. Self-observation is self-correction.
Humanity thinks and feels negatively. The life of an ordinary man is driven by invisible threads of unpleasant emotions and its negative imagination. Fear is the true original sin, which prevents our life to be a great personal adventure and gives us a collective destiny. The first condition of happiness is thus the freedom from fear. The first proton to be lost in the rush toward gold. ” Fear knocked at the door, courage, went to open it. There was no one.” A Dream for the World by Stefano D’Anna

The difference between prey and predator. The study and the knowledge of our habits and routines.

The fear of the antagonist. Find that it is the enemy who loves you. The case study: Les Miserables, The Count of Monte Cristo.

The fear of death. The problem is not physical death but the fear of death. And ‘this is what we must eradicate with its corollary of a thousand deaths that every day accompany us throughout life without allowing us to demonstrate and develop our skills.

Matrix Reimprinting
Developed on the basis of the proven EFT and drawing on the latest developments in quantum physics, Matrix Reimprinting is an innovative tool for physical and emotional healing which is an advanced level of application of the technique of EFT mother. This sophisticated practice is not limited to dissolve fears or traumatic memories that could entrap us in the past, but replacing them with new positive memories that will transform the matrix, which thus begins to release the energy needed to produce a constructive influence and a new state of well-being.

Music Quantum Energy
Music Quantum Energy (MQE), also called energy quantum-musical, is an innovative energy technology, patented by Giorgio Fabbri and Manuela Antonelli, which allows people to enjoy the virtues empowering and healing art music. It can be used to increase harmony, prosperity and strength in the people.
Music Quantum Energy means sharing a unique and exciting, allowing you to:
– Enter into a new mode of inner listening
– Enjoy the energy of the music even before hearing it
– Connect with the moment in which the composer has received inspiration
– Increase the energy balance of the body, mind, spirit.

Circular Breathing Conscious with its immense possibilities. It ‘a key to our health, to eliminate 70% of our toxins, to have more creative ideas, to eliminate emotional blocks, to be more aware and expand our consciousness, and finally to feel that you can pass all our limits! Are you willing to feel all your energy?
The second tool is a surprise! find us another art, another marvelous key, which you will go back home and you can also share with friends and family: allows you to relax, to perceive a greater well-being. You will sleep better, your mood will rise, you will feel more relaxed and energetic. Experience your resources, together with other people it is easier and more enjoyable.