Seminar Get rid of bounds and divisions
Next edition 30 May – 1 June 2014


Freedom from conflictual thinking and internal division: Integrity. We will read through the time the meaning of life, the direction of the world, the sense of reality and events. Everything is aimed at an irrepressible impulse toward unity, compactness, completeness, integrity.

The fear of obstacles and limitations. The syndrome of the impossible. The impossible does not exist, case study: Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, the fastest thing on no legs. Johnny Weissmuller, the boy affect by poliomyelitis that not only won the Olympics, but became the most famous Tarzan movie.

“Everything that is called synthetically ‘world’, the events and circumstances of our lives are our projections. If we are aware we can project only life, prosperity, beauty, victory. If we are vigilant, careful, we can project freedom, a world with no barriers, no limits, no old age, nor disease, nor death.“The School for Gods” by Stefano D’Anna

Ask & Receive
Ask & Receive is a new, simple, structured way to ask for and receive what you deserve in all areas of life. As unlimited beings we do not need to use external processes to create profound changes within us. Ask & Receive is based on the concept that we have within us all the answers. The higher states of consciousness have always the answer – they always have a bigger picture – a higher perspective. Ask & Receive is a structured approach that provides access to these states and find new answers and solutions to our problems.

Elements of Transurfing
Transurfing is not a technique of self-improvement, but a way of thinking and acting to get what you want. Not to fight in order to get it, but simply to get it. And it has to do to change yourself, it’s a way back to your true self. It’s pretty simple. The world is like a mirror, reflects your attitude towards it. If you are unhappy in the world, it will reflect the attitude of dissatisfaction. If you work against the world, the world will fight against you. The moment you cease to fight, the world will meet your desires.

How to recover my Wholeness, but first of all, where did I loose it, how I’m I divided, separated? What tools do I have to become aware of my own completeness and how do I do by myself at home to maintain high self-observation? You will experience games and effective tools that you can employ in your everyday life. Together we will be delighted to retrieve the pieces of our wholeness, practicing the exercises that will allow us to feel united, first of all with ourselves, our desires, our needs and our dreams, so we would have the opportunity to feel united with others and with the world. Are you ready?