Seminar Get rid of time
Next edition 25-27 April 2014


The time dependence is the second proton to lose. Humanity at the mercy of anxiety, insecurity, devoured by time, under the tyranny of commitments, plans and programs can not be happy.

Freedom of time: The Myth of Cronus. Who is son of the time will be devoured by time. Renewing the symposium: beauty and philosophy for the victory over time. Study and practice of programming without believing. The Timeless Agenda & Diary for Dreamers.

We can do plans and programs. The important thing is not to believe in them. Only what is lifeless, in a state of rigor mortis, can be programmed. Life is unpredictable.

Stop to plan, develop and trust the higher senses: the intuition and the Dream. Close the door to logic, reason and planning! Close your eyes and open yourself to intuition. The world is still waiting to be created by you.

Freedom from roles: Above all, we believe in the roles. We believe that we are teachers, executives, fathers, mothers, lovers. We think that this is the most natural thing and the only way to live. We become prisoners of our roles. They become traps. We can play a role and we are able to enjoy and have fun to act in that role but we can not become or identify with it if we want to be free and happy. It ‘ s crazy, like an actor who refuses to take off his mask and costume, believing that the character he is playing on stage and believing that theater is his life. From this point of view, humanity is mentally insane and locked up in the prison of the roles that you are self created.

“These words filled me with an inexplicable, unreasonable happiness. I was faced with a limitless vision. Past and future worlds were not separated but connected and inseparable. One reality. ‘Forgive inside’ had a time machine… in order to access a past time that in ordinary vision was gone, and a future time that was yet to come…
“I understand that the past can act on our lives, but the future ?…” I asked .
“The future, like the past, is under your eyes, but you still can not see it.”
It was then that he spoke of a ‘ vertical time’, a ‘body – time’ compressing past and future in an instant. timelessness whose door is this moment. The secret is not to get distracted, do not ever turn away. Access this ‘body – time’ meant being able to change the past and draw a new destiny .
I felt an irrepressible enthusiasm. I wanted the adventure started right away… I wanted with all my strength…” The School for Gods by Stefano D’Anna

The Work. Technique devised by Byron Katie, to reach freedom from limiting beliefs, conditioning relational, from the prisons of the roles in which humanity is often trapped. The root of all suffering is identification with thoughts conditioners, the illusory “stories” that flowing constantly in our mind. The Work acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through the illusions and lets you know in a direct way the eternal essence of your being. It exudes joy, peace and love that is our natural state.

Inner Child Creativity
This art allows you to retrieve the immense and unexplored potential of the right hemisphere of the brain, sometimes restrictive silenced by education of parents and an educational system that emphasizes verbal logic and storage, the main activities of the left hemisphere of the brain . Through the use of the non-dominant hand the adult can contact in a simple and direct way his core creative and intuitive, sensitive and playful, the inner child, and spontaneously learn to express feelings and needs, finding in him a valuable ally.

Getting out of time? What resources do we have? How do we get out of our roles?: In this seminar you will have the opportunity to experience and feel in your body how it feels out of time and other non-typical roles for you!
The experiences you feel with your body and emotions will make the difference. And this first step is the one we will start by training all together! Marie Francoise will be with you at every step.