NEXT EDITION: JULY 26/AUGUST 2 – Parco nazionale del Gran Sasso – Abruzzi- Italy.

Reserved to young executives, graduates and university students of all faculty.

School for Dreamers is preparing the ruling class of the future, the impeccable leaders driven by ethics and Integrity that every nation is deeply in need of. FDW  training is an intensive and  pushing experience, an eight-days journey of self-discovery, to retrace your own uniqueness.
You will acquire the main psychological traits and qualities of a Leader.
SfD will teach you how to face life successfully and will inspire you to play a key role in the future of your nation.

Be a Pragmatic Dreamer.

Eight days to train yourself to master your life and be a future Dreamer for the World.

  • Do you have a Dream?
  • Do you know what you really love? What kind of life are you dreaming?
  • Do only what you love and love what you do!
  • Are you looking for any job, just to make your living, or are you ready to discover your talent?
  • Eliminate fear is a primary goal in the School for Dreamers. You can’t be in fear and be successful.

Doubts, fears and inner limits are like stones in your pockets. You cannot run with them.
Get rid of this mortal ballast, come to the School for Dreamers.
Discover what you are uniquely born for and do it. Turn your life into a masterpiece.

Next Edition : july 26/ August 2, 2014.
Roma, Sheraton Golf Hotel

School for Dreamers is preparing the ruling class of the future, the impeccable leaders that every nation is deeply in need of. It will stay close to you forever.

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SfD training is an intensive experience, an eight-days journey of self-discovery, to retrace your own uniqueness. Through the program you will acquire the main psychological traits and qualities of a leader.

In addition to enhancing intellectual qualities, and inspiring high principles and values,  SfD believes in offering hands-on teachings and active participation, live experience rather than theory, developing practical abilities, skills, techniques and strategies which will allow you to transform your Dream into reality.

You will learn techniques, gain skills and know how:

  • to get rid of fear, negative emotions and any limiting factor or barrier to your success
  • to expand your vision, learn to aim higher, to abandon preconceived, second-hand ideas and prejudices
  • to be an independent thinker, give supreme value to your freedom
  • master the three higher senses of a leader: intuition, creativity and Vision

The program is founded on the ideas, principles, and teaching of Prof. D’Anna books – The School for Gods and A Dream for the World – that constitute the philosophical basis of the School for Dreamers. After the end of the program of the next session of July / August, if you have been selected you will have access to the upper levels to continue the course and hone your skills to be a great dreamer for the future of the world.
You will also have access to individual coaching sessions with our Dream coach.