cover_sdd_eng School for Dreamers
is rooted in the philosophical
thought expressed in the books
The School for Gods and
A Dream for the World
both worksby
Stefano D’Anna.


fondatori_danna Stefano D’Anna
Stefano D’Anna, past away in september 2014, is the Inventor and prime mover of the School for Dreamers programs. Philosopher, sociologist, writer and international speaker. Keynote speaker in conventions and forums in Europe, USA and South America. He wrote “Berlusconi in concert” with Gigi Moncalvo, “A Dream for the World” and “The School for Gods”, an international bestseller that has been translated in all the world’s main languages, including Russian, Chinese, Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese. Stefano D’Anna graduated in economics from the Ateneo di Napoli, obtained an International Teaching Master at the London Business School and a doctorate in Social Communication at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. In December 2010 he quit every other engagement to entirely commit himself to the idea of forging visionary leaders leaded by Ethics and Integrity. They are our future leaders, the most strategic resource for human and economic development in every country.