This is what you will be doing at SfD campus. You will be so involved, you’ll have fun, you will be committed as never before. You will love it and you’ll be amazed… even of yourself.
Now is the time! Create your own future!


  • Just do what you love and love what you do.
    Know yourself and find out what is your talent. Remove fears and doubts, discover what you really want to do, find your dream and learn to protect it so that it can become your reality. Have you ever seen someone succeeding doing something that he does’t like? There is a new revolution to do, a new law to affirm, together with the right to life and freedom, the right to choose one’s own work and to love it. The assumption of responsibility together with self observation are at the core of the program.
    The complaint, the prosecution, the cry on, the feeling a victim are all attitudes that must be transformed into a ‘positive attitude. Your only chance to feel fulfilled and happy is to do what you love. You are the creator of your prosperity and your success.

Physical activity

  • Conscious breathing, team building activities, sailing, climbing, orienteering, beach volley and dance depending on the season.

Music: The Genius Sound Project

  • Discover the formae mentis expressed in the musical masterpieces of four great geniuses of music: Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Charlie Parker. Think and act in a brilliant way! Discover what is your ideal model of genius, to which of them you most resemble and set out the objectives of your life. Internalize the steps needed to design and build day after day the path that leads you to get what you want.
  • Acquire tools, techniques, effective and ingenious strategies, transferable in your personal life.


  • Free yourself from the rigidity of the roles and learn how to enter and exit them while preserving the integrity of your being.


  • Public speaking: present yourself. Remove the obstacles in your relationships with others.
  • Strategic leaving image care (clothing, accessories, posture, makeup).

You’ll go in search of creativity and excellence in the footsteps of the genius of Leonardo and other giants of the Italian Renaissance who have lived and worked in the city and the area surrounding the campus.

You will know what to do after high school. Discovering your talent, you will become aware about your potential and you will be ready to create your own way, the one you are born for. You will come into contact with selected guests who come to witness their experience. You will meet people in various creative fields, from music to sports, pragmatic visionaries who have struggled to realize their dream, making it become a reality. You will become part of the School for Dreamers, a School that will never leave you and that dedicates individual attention to you, for ever.

At the end of the SfD program, students will receive a certificate of attendance.