The program is characterized by the philosophical approach coming from the texts – The School for Gods and A Dream for the World – both works by Stefano D’Anna that constitute the root of the School.
Below are listed the activities planned to make the training a program based on a hand-on environment where, with the support of mentors (Corporate Leaders and Top Managers), you will receive individual attention and directions for doing in life what you love, without any compromise.
You will be inspired to turn your Dream into reality.

1st module ) Team Building Activities
It is expressed through different possibilities including breathing, sailing, climbing, orienteering, beach volley, dance, depending on the season. Bring out the hidden dynamics, fears and preconceptions is the beginning of the path of self-observation.
Objective: to foster the qualities of a leader. The combination of the team activate the necessary dynamics to enhance the learning of each participant.

2nd module ) Music: The Genius Sound Project – Tools for Leaders
Discover the Frames of Mind expressed in the musical masterpieces of four great geniuses of music: Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Charlie Parker. Think and act in a brilliant way! Find out what is your model of genius.

  • Outline the goals of your life and internalize the steps to build your own path, day after day,
    which is unique and irreplaceable.
  • Acquire tools, techniques and effective strategies, simply transferable and usable in everyday life
    in order to accelerate the realization of your own dream.

3rd module ) Theatre
The theatre experience is fundamental to know yourself. If you don’t know your self you can’t lead.
Objective: to break free from the rigidity of the roles and learn how to enter and exit them while preserving the Integrity of your Being.

4th module) Communication

  • Public speaking: presentation of your self.
    Objective: to eliminate the obstacles in the relationship with others, overcome anxiety, representing your self in complete safety and completeness.
  • Strategic leaving: take care of your own image in a strategic way (clothes, accessories, posture, makeup…).
    Objective: Objective: to upside down the rule “clothes do not make a man” through very effective experience.
  • Start-up Coaching: to develop the capacity of project start-ups to reinforce the roots of your dream.
    Objective: to learn about the early mechanisms in preparation for the implementation of any new initiative.