Get free from fear, limits and tiranny of time.

with Stefano D’Anna, Giorgio Fabbri e Marie Francoise Gremaud.

From lead to gold. A series of three workshops on freedom.

Man is born free, but everywhere I turn I see him in chains.
(Jean-Jacques Rousseau – The Social Contract)

Efdien Consulting organizes


The Trilogy is a circular path:

Seminar Get rid of time (25-27 April 2014)
Seminar Get rid of bounds and divisions (30 May – 1 June 2014)
Seminar Get rid from fear and negative emotions (26-28 September 2014)

Limited to 25 people max.

Introduction to the cycle of the three seminars.
An atom of lead is already an atom of gold, has only three protons in excess. The cycle of the three seminars is designed to train individuals to get rid of this excess, the weight of the negative imagination, time, and the limits of superstitions, prejudices and obsolete ideas. Participants require individual attention, they must be inspired one by one.

The courage to be free.
Being free from addiction requires the abandonment of all forms of slavery.
Look inside yourself and find the courage to find the obstacles to happiness. The lies, the false ideas, fear, identification with the roles, represent the common belief that there is a world out there to depend on. When, through the hard work on oneself, finally relieved of all this weight, when you are free from all forms of addiction, free of time, by friction and conflict within, we realize that unhappiness does not exist except in our negative imagination.

This cycle of seminars, abandoned the idea that happiness can be sought or found, outside of us, directs research toward the discovery of everything that prevent it. There can be no happiness without freedom.

On the way of rediscovering happiness, the seminars will provide, in three-stage, ideas, principles, values and the most advanced tools coming from the neurosciences and the most recent scientific discoveries, with the goal of providing a map and a plan of escape toward freedom. The bars of the prison are our negative emotions: time, roles, limits and conflicting thinking, that we have self-imposed. This is the division that we carry inside. They are also the relentless guardians.

Other speaker will be with us from time time.