The world is in desperate need of incorruptible men and women challenging life, politics and business with the vision of a pragmatic dreamer. With Integrity.

SFD therefore prepares men and women to be the new Dreamers of the World lead by ethics and Integrity in all fields of human Knowledge.

A dreamer knows the principles and laws of the Dream, leads and he’s not led, choose and he’s not chosen, guides his own existence to joy, health and prosperity.

School for Dreamers is a school of overturning, a school of transformation of Being.

It seeks an educational model based on the awareness that Humanity is on a Journey, conscious or not, to self-discovery. Men are beginning to understand, to feel, to realize what is the true reason of their existence, which Dream is leading them.

It inspires men and women to capsize their view of the world, so that they take full responsibility of their own life and take their creative power back. In this way, they will step into the new paradigm of existence with the appropriate tools to the pursuit of their own happiness and of the people around them.

It has its roots in the philosophical thinking of Stefano D’Anna, lately deceased, and his books, The School of Gods and A Dream for the World.


Three Protons Away video.
If we could penetrate in an atom of lead and remove three protons from its nucleus, it would turn into an atom of gold. The School for Dreamers is the vision of a psychological revolution capable to free humanity from fear, negative emotions and destructive thinking – the three protons in excess we need to get rid of. The evolution of man is only three protons away.
We can make it.