A group of friends get together for a seminar on how to get rid of time.
Wonderful people who have been happy to find each other and get together to continue the journey on the direction of the lightening of the three protons in excess in order to regain Integrity.
We also have had the honor to have for some hours Prof Marc Luyckx Ghisi, the exchange of ideas between him and Prof Stefano D’Anna has been really fascinating.
The atmosphere of the house has amplified the effects. A celebration of a family, the School for Dreamers is a choice.
It has been a privilege and a joy to share a timeless experience, I know that it will remain in everyone’s heart as well as
stays in mine. Another step up to the next meeting that will ensure the progress of each and everyone.
So thank you for being there and for sharing. Thank you because you you have allowed your self the enlargement of the vision, I know, I feel that all together we have enhanced the effects.
School for Dreamers is there for you, giving an individual attention to every body, for ever.

Francesca Del Nero

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