School for Dreamers is an international education project based on Integrity, aimed to the younger and older generation and to the corporate world.

Two souls foster the same Dream: an editorial spirit publishes books targeted to youngsters, witness of the transition from the old to the new paradigm of existence, to the managers and the corporate world, which is withstanding a massive change on the idea of company and its management and to children, most inclined to conceive a “different” view of their own being and the reality around them.
To everybody looking inside for the new man.

The second soul is the School, with its own path, a Journey through the Being, assuming that from the Being you define what is Doing and you create what is Having.

School for dreamers arranges special programs for the youngsters, with the purpose to breed a new generation of pragmatic dreamers led by Ethic and Integrity as essential qualities of the Leadership of the future. Men and women who can harmonize illusory antagonists as Economy and ethics, action and contemplation, financial power and love.

The School provides as well for a series of seminaries for adults, aiming to inspire a new and higher self-consciousness, taking personal potentialities to new horizons, helping at the same time the communication between different generations. A capsizing of old paradigms that impede freedom, prosperity and happiness in a life already set on a stiff track.

For the corporate world, there is a program for each reality. Through the overturning of the vision, concentrated on finding solutions that rest on a different level than problems, the programs of the School for Dreamers has the target to create a harmonic development, ensuring business evolution and a whole new success for the leader of the enterprise and for all the people that work in it.