«It is with passion, commitment, dedication and joy that I decided to pursue the project of international education based on Integrity. I dedicate all my nerves, without rest or doubt, as a mission. I have the great pleasure to share this exciting journey with people who believe in the project as me, who are close to me, inspire me and support me. The Dream is great, the roads are sometimes tortuous but the direction is clear, without shadows. I pursue it being aware of the antagonistic forces that I learned to read and transform into vital energy at the service of the Project.»

Francesca Del Nero


fondatori_delnero Francesca Romana Del Nero. Is the founder and the leader of the School for Dreamers and its publishing house, Efdien Publishing. Successful financial manager, she lived the company climate for many years, knows its dynamics and the challenges that face.With a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a master in banking marketing, 3 daughters, she left GE Capital in 2010 to create a team of enthusiastic partners, spreading a message of renewal of the individual, for a new economic and social reality. She has been a GE Capital Interbanca advisor for the management of Health Ahead program.She is a Life Coach and Practioner reconnective healing ( 2 level ), certified by Reconnective Healing Foundation, Eric Pearl.

Francesca Del Nero constantly cooperates with excellent partners, each one with his own area of expertise. To share teachings at different levels, to connect people with the same vision of existence is a deep joy and a great strength.