Practical advices from the Dreamer
You will transform the discomfort, insecurity and suffering into joy aware, guilt into responsibility for everything that happens to you, the void of an ordinary life in an extraordinary life Dream.
The effects of this transformation, of this awakening will be evident in your real life embracing all spheres of your life: your personal relationships, your idea of money, your business, your health.
Infinite implications in the service of your personal evolution.
All theoretical and practical activities, exercises, processes and visits are related to the principles and techniques suggested by the Dreamer to Stefano D’Anna in his book The School for Gods: workshops in the classroom, body work, meditation, awareness of emotions, presence status, responsibility, impeccability, perfection, acting, art, beauty, time.A deep journey using the laws of the Dream. An unforgettable experience.
As a gift, are also included various outdoor activities such as for example: rafting in Valsesia, climbing in Valsassina.The workshop will be certified by a certificate of attendance.
Dress Code:
✓ Sportswear/and fitness clothes for the physical activities
(click here for the principles and foundations of the program)
Target Open to all target
Duration Duration 8 days
Next edition Location:
Castello di Carimate ( Como)
For more info please write to Giulia Lodi Rizzini or call her.
Tel. +39 392 9163568