To the young people all around the world – Be the ones choosing the company to work for. Find out, by all means available to you, who is behind a company, what their values are, what their philosophy is, who the leader is, what example they set.
Find out what environmental, cultural and societal impact that company is generating; what it is doing to look after the environment, to look after the local community, what its relationship is with its collaborators, clients, and suppliers.

Be the ones who choose before you get trapped where you would never want to be.

Francesca Del Nero – Io Sono Viva

Towards corporate harmony.

Have you ever wondered why over 90% of the businesses suffers from the same dynamics, from big corporations to the small businesses?

We outlined five:

  1. Conflict 2. Internal division 3. Working for the salary 4. Demotivation 5. Unhappiness

And have you wondered what effects these dynamics have on your company?

Loss of market stocks, inefficiency, lack of productivity, absenteeism, decrease of volume sales, difficulties to expand, difficulty to find the right workforce, conflictual communication, slow operations, high turnover.


Integrity in Action goes at the root of all this through a program intended to eliminate the ‘great poison’called division.


What does it mean to be divided?

It means that we say things other than what we would like, it means that we do things that we don’t want to do, it means that we have emotions and feelings that we don’t dare expressing, it means that we would like to be in a different way from the way we are.
It means we don’t know ourselves.

Internal division is the root cause of all problems.

Symptoms of division are: fear, doubt, limit, obsolete ideas, trivial methods; in one words: the incapacity to understand the mechanism of the creation of the reality, which always and only follows an inside-out process.
There’s no reality that wasn’t created from within, from the stream of ideas, emotions, intuitions and feelings that comes without control from the unconscious side of every person.
If you don’t manage it, there’s no real possibility to modify your reality. And even if you did it, it would only be temporary.
A person’s internal division, with all the negative effects, is reflected on the whole business – as it’s an organism made of people.

Integrity is the only solution to eliminate all that separates us from our deeper inner-self, and from others.


Integrity in Action responds to businesses’ primary need of solving these problems.
It’s time for entrepreneurs to be long-sighted and to prepare to “grow their resources organically”, so that businesses, like all other plantations, can free themselves from the poison and toxicity of behaviours that invalidate the corporate wellbeing and therefore its success.

Soon ratings won’t only take into accounts numbers, but they will also take into account a company’s values – therefore joy and wellbeing levels of all those who cooperate within the entreprise. Virtuous entreprises will only be the ones who are ready for this inevitable and historic change.

All interventions trying to solve only one of the problems mentioned before can only bring a temporary benefit.


Integrity In Action is an investment on the human asset, without which no corporation would exist. It’s an investment that will never become a cost. It’s the best investment that an entrepreneur can undertake so that all other investments become profitable.




Why should a business care about its employees' happiness and wellfare?

Because a business’ heart is the people who work there. If these people are happy, they can change the business’ destiny. They will make it strong.

Why only the companies that consider their human resources their project's supporters succeed?

Because all people love to fell part of something important. Every company deserves the human resources they have, and every person deserves to be in a company and not in another. It’s necessary to enter a higher level of consciousness on both sides.

Why is a successful company a company where everyone would like to work?

Because the focus is in the person, who is considered the main asset giving value to the company. A person’s evolution and expansion are translated in an evolved and expanded ability to contribute. This way, they are all united towards one direction, the one pointed by the company’s Leader. 

I did some soul searching from the very beginning and understood a lot about myself and my colleagues.

Marketing and Comms Director

It’d do it another 10 times, and I’d learn something new every time. Thank you so much.

Product Development Manager

Before, we were all suspicious and cautious. We have now created a complicity that will change the whole company. 



Whether you are CEO o CHRO, It’s important for you to take action now!
Happy collaborators mean a unified and more productive company.


Francesca Del Nero

Francesca Del Nero, Founder of School For Dreamers
and Leading Coach for Integrity in Action, 
responds to all questions with extreme joy.