Especially designed for the corporate world, dedicated to all employees of the company with a cross-participation.

It is emerging as a training offer that differs from the usual corporate proposals due to its philosophy and the experiential practice of its contents. Its uniqueness and strength are due to its impact on motivation, active participation and creativity generated across the enterprise, in the relations between departments and business functions as well as in the personal ones between individuals. Each internal division, in language as in behavior, affect not only the operating results but the company life itself. Integrity in action takes the form of a proposal that differs in the method and especially in the main goal: to convey the value of Integrity as a central quality of leadership at all levels.

The program to replace the ordinary “outplacement” programs.

It ‘s aimed at companies that want to offer serious possibilities to support employees who are fired, turning a business cost into an investment in its own image and its own reputation, qualities that are most often strongly affected by a restructuring process. The Program “Restart from you” will aim to assist former employees who have gone through these processes and are facing a deep and often traumatic change in both terms of personal and professional life, offering them a training program which will support them seriously and effectively in this very important step.