Another edition of the DFW Leadership program has just ended.
Wonderful young people who have requested access to this path: Freedom from negative emotions, freedom from time, freedom from internal division. A unique journey, created to get rid symbolically from 3 protons in excess for the transition from a lead humanity to a golden humanity. The dream of a humanity evolved is just three protons away.

The work was intense involving of all their faculties, physical, intellectual, emotional to access to higher senses: intuition and the Dream. The activities were passionately conducted by the team of teachers whom I thank with all my heart: the Master Giorgio Fabbri, Marie Francoise Gremaud, Emanuela Carletto, Aaron Craig and Francesca Michetti with the founder of the project Prof Stefano D’Anna.

We enjoyed their involvement, passion and finally their transformation. Now possess the tools to do the job and we will follow them with attention and affection.
The project A Dream for the World without borders is open to all those who have the intention, the quality and level of responsibility to be part of a new generation of pragmatic dreamers, visionary leaders that the world desperately needs.

We at DFW are here to fulfill this mission: to prepare them and help them to fit in the roles they choose “to fix the world.”

I extend an affectionate greeting to the participants of this edition with best wishes for a happy start of their career as a pragmatic dreamers, in memory of the ideas and principles learned and knowing that the school is and will always be at their side.

Thanks to each and everyone together.
Francesca Del Nero

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