Doesn’t matter which of the five continents you come from, what is your nationality and upbringing, what is your background, the studies you have made, the social and family circumstances, your environment, class, culture, tradition.
Just answer one question: Do you have a Dream? Do you know what you are uniquely born for?
If you had no limits, no restrictions of any sort, what would you like to do for 24 hours a day without stopping, without getting bored and even without being paid?
Do you have something that wakes you up during the night with the irresistible voice of a call? Do you remember your future?
Then write to me!
We can eradicate poverty, create jobs for everyone on the planet, make friends out of mortal enemies, create a world with no pollution, justice for everyone. It probably will not happen in my time, and, possibly not within a hundred years. But would it not be a great aim to dream of such a world 1000 years from now? We need a new generation of timeless leaders, ready to commit themselves today to work in the service of such a distant future.
In this spirit, I have conceived a great philantropic project, the most significant for the world: A School for Dreamers. My team will select each year the most talented students from any nation to study abroad, to be part of a program especially designed with the purpose to make them aware of their uniqueness and develop their potentiality as visionary leaders, the most strategic resource for the world.
The selected students will study in the heart of Europe, in Italy, cradle of Renaissance, and prepare themselves to be the visionary leaders the world needs.
A team of international teachers and the most prestigious key speakers, will lead you in search of creativity and excellence, and above all teach you that the Dream is the most real thing there is, that only the individual can dream and change poverty into prosperity, difficulties into intelligence, fear into love.
I trust to see you in Italy, at the School for Dreamers, for a unique journey to self discovery, to enter into yourself, to practice the most fruitful of all activities:
observing, studying, and finally knowing yourself. This is the first condition to be a leader. Nothing is more important.

Prof. Stefano D’Anna