Agenda & Diary for Dreamers by Stefano D’Anna

This AGENDA & DIARY, unique in the world, has been created to not let your entire existence slip away without realizing that people that you meet, any event and circumstance in your everyday life – on which you make a left page note – are nothing but a material reflection of your emotions, of your thoughts and feelings – on which you jot down a right page record.
In spurring you to record your ideas and thoughts, what you feel and the way you get involved and react to the events and circumstances of your life, your Timeless Agenda & Diary will foster self-discovery, the study of yourself. In using your TA&D, week after week, you will be reminded to give attention to your inner life, till you will perceive what happens inside you, in timeless, as the very source and fountainhead of what happens in your external reality, in time.
What we feel, our emotions, passions and thoughts, our hopes, ambitions, memories and imaginations, our fears and uncertainties and all our sensations, attractions, desires, aversions, loves and hates, can make us win or fail, can make us wealthy or poor, can make us happy or miserable. Self-observation, the attention to oneself, is the means to know ourselves, to take control of our existence and set the direction of our destiny.
Self-observation is self-correction.