A Dream for the World by Stefano D’Anna

The book A Dream for the World was premiered in October 2012 at the headquarters and in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore. It ‘s the dream of a revolution in thought that free humanity from fear, negative emotions and destructive feelings
It tells about one night at dinner, between the entrepreneur and philanthropist George Koukis and the writer Stefano D’Anna. This meeting, in a castle on Geneva lake, marks the birth of DFW program founded on Integrity as a fundamental quality of leadership. A first edition was held in Como in 2011, for 2 months with 35 young people from 8 different countries. George Koukis, as well as performing several lectures to students and guests of the program, funded entirely with full scholarships, the young participants. Stefano D’Anna has directed the Program after similar experiences previously performed as part of his long academic and successful work.

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The Dream for humanity, described in “A Dream for the World” is wrapped into the following metaphor. If we could penetrate in an atom of lead and remove three protons from its nucleus, it would turn into an atom of gold. A Dream for the World is the vision of a psychological revolution capable to free humanity from fear, negative emotions and destructive thinking – the three protons in excess we need to get rid of. The evolution of man is only three protons away.
We can make it.
Stefano D’Anna


The difference between an atom of lead and an atom of gold, in their respective atomic number, is only three protons. One is 82, the other is 79. There is a humanity 82, heavy, dark, unworthy like an atom of lead and there is a humanity 79, shiny, incorruptible like an atom of gold. An atom of lead is already an atom of gold. It’s only three protons heavier. The transmutation of lead into gold, the epic transition from mass to individual: that’s the Dream for the World. This is the solution, the healing from all evil. If we could achieve it, it will be the most incredible scientific discovery of all times. It could appear light years away from us but this Dream is only three protons away.

fondatori_koukis The Entrepreneur – George Koukis, businessman of great success, is the classic example of the pragmatic dreamer, a philosopher of action at the top of a multinational corporation. He is a self-made man who built his empire from scratch. In November 1993 he bought a company in bankruptcy and soon made it the unquestioned leader in banking software. George Koukis accomplished it all with the only help of his Dream and his relentless determination. He is chairman of the “Classical Opera Company” in London, supporting their mission to foster new talents, and president of the “George Koukis Foundation” born to support the DFW Integrity Leadership program for the education of the future leader in the world.