Entering the new existence paradigm:
Freeing Human Kind from the slavery of the world’s description

A world made of difficulties, chaos, violence, overwhelm, fear, anxiety, arrogance and of power management through the misuse of money, a world with too little moments of joy and happiness.

Freed from this description, the human being goes back to being themselves, regains their Integrity, vibrates to a frequency that allows them to enter the highest floors of the Being.

They regain the ability of consciously create their reality, stop accusing the world, justifying themselves, complaining, and let go of the belief that their power has limits. They go back to nurture their inner self with consciousness, art, beauty and spirituality to responsibly create a better world.

Freed men and women create their reality inside out, by managing their emotions and thoughts.

Men and women who are freed from the weight of negative emotions  own again the art of Dreaming, and pragmatically create the world that we all dream. Pragmatic visionaries guarantee an harmonious development and will save the world.

School For Dreamers’ spirit is timeless: to realise our vision, it may take one or more generations.

School For Dreamers are certain that Human Kind will get to that point; although they don’t know when or exactly how it will happen. They allow for the plan to be realized in the most harmonious ways and timeframe – with the inner certainty that Human Kind will free itself from fear, limits and time, and is committed to actively contribute to this societal transformation.

The roots of School For Dreamers’ values are in Stefano D’Anna’s books The School For Gods and A Dream For The World.

School For Dreamers’ values lies within the Art of the Dream: conscious freedom, responsibility, visionary pragmatism, respect for the whole universe, perseverance, discipline, beauty, ethics, integrity, unconditional love and happiness.